Dried Guavas – An overall Health Blessing

By: Dried Guava Filed Under: Health & Nutrition Posted: December 24, 2012

Almost all the people in the world are well aware of this mouthwatering fruit called guava. This fruit with greenish yellow skin is of high medicinal importance to human beings and has been used for curing various diseases. There are many health benefits associated with the guavas. Dried guavas are of real worth for the people living in the region where guavas cannot be grown naturally. Some of the health benefits provided by dried guava are discussed as under:

Weight loss

Dried guava is a blessing for those who want to lose extra weight within shortest possible time. You do not need to rely on fake equipment and green tea for losing weight. You can take certain amount of dried guava on daily basis to reduce weight without compromising on the protein and calcium intake. High vitamin content in guava makes it highly useful for those facing obesity. However, precautionary measures must be taken while using dried guava for weight loss. You must take a break of one hour before drinking water after eating guavas.


Dried guava is one of the best natural ways to cure constipation. Serving as best laxative, guava is rich in fibers and thus can be used for constipation treatment. Guava seeds are also used in making medicines for constipation. Guava also cleans your intestine and activates all the enzymes that are important for perfect working of digestive system. The best thing about dried guava is that it can retain the water content in your body and thus can easily clean bowels.

High blood pressure

Blood thickness and high blood pressure are common health problems that can be treated by the simple use of dried guava. High blood pressure is usually caused by blood thickening. Guava is considered suitable for blood thinning and thus is quite good for high blood pressure patients. It also procures the property of curing brain hemorrhage.

Dental issues

In addition to the fruit, tree leaves are also of vital importance for those suffering from dental issues. Guava leaves can be blended to form a paste that is really good in curing tooth ache.

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