More about Commercial Products Made Out of Dried Guavas

By: Dried Guava Filed Under: General Information Posted: January 18, 2013

Apart from their health benefits and use in making healthy snacks, dried guavas are used for a lot other purposes commercially. During olden times, these fruits were considered to be an all-in one nutrition to the body and when people began realizing this ability of the fruit, they decided to make the best use of these fruits. This is how the idea of drying guavas and using them was put forward.

Once it began to be available in the powdered form, people began to find various uses for it. For instance, they were used in juices, so as to provide the body with the necessary nutrients. Guava juices are available today also, almost in every country, owing to the ease of availability of its extracted form. Some people found its nutritional benefits to be good for diet supplements vitamin tablets and they began to manufacture the same commercially. Soon enough, the supplements became widely popular and in demand. Today, there are numerous brands selling such supplements. The dried guava powder, which retains the smell of the fresh fruit, is also used in all the food items that need fresh guava as an ingredient. This property of retention of its aroma makes the dried guava, a good substitute for the fresh one, wherever it is required.

The by-products of the dried guava are also used as an ingredient in poultry feed, just for the same reason – its nutritional content! Yet another commercial use of the dried guava is in the making of dried guava tea, which is not only a healthy drink, but also a natural chemoprevention agent. The major reason behind this is considered to be the high content of antioxidants in guavas. It is a widely-known fact that antioxidants have the power to attack and kill the cancer affected cells in a human body, thereby making it less prone to the disease.

Apart from all this, the dried guava powders are used in cookies and other eatables on behalf of its nutritional content. Now that you know almost every product made out of dried guava and its powder, make it a point to add at least one of these to your daily routine, so as to maintain a good healthy body.

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