Weight Loss Benefits Of Dried Guava

By: Dried Guava Filed Under: General Information Posted: January 15, 2013

Most people are not aware of the quick weight loss benefits of dried guava. With such an effective natural solution available, there is no need to go around looking for weight-loss pills and fat-removal surgeries. All that you have to do is to add a specific amount of the dried fruit to your daily diet, and you are well on your way to see loss of weight over a period of time. this would be achieved in a natural way without the need to compromise on your protein intake.

According to doctors, guava is rich in a wide range of vitamins that help in fighting obesity. When you take the dried fruit, it is essential to take a little precaution with the intake of water. Dieticians suggest that drink water only after an hour after taking this natural weight-loss ‘medicine.’

Dried guava has been found to help strengthen up and disinfect the digestive system. The high amount of roughage, less-absorbable carbohydrates and no presence of cholesterol, make it the ideal food to help lose weight. Shedding some light on the nutritional features of the fruit can make the picture clear for you. If you take 100 gm of the fruit in its dried state,  it would supply 50 Kcal of energy. The different nutrients present include around 0.78 gm of protein, 10 gm of carbohydrates,  18 mg of calcium and 0.30 mg of iron.

Thus, dried guava helps you loose weight by supplying sufficient amount of proteins, fiber and vitamins to your body. when you consume the dried fruit, it would fill up and satisfy your appetite instantly, thus preventing you from eating other types of food. According to dieticians, you can add a decent serving during lunch and you wouldn’t feel hungry until evening.

Guava is considered as a complete food in itself, and it has been found to help lean individuals maintain their weight. This is because it is loaded with all the essential nutrients required by the body. Therefore, you have every reason to add dried guava to your daily diet and shed off all that excess weight.

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