Dried Guava and it’s multiple uses

By: Dried Guava Filed Under: Health & Nutrition Posted: February 15, 2013

Guava is a wonderful fruit that has one delicious flavor; it has a natural taste and will no doubt satisfy your appetite. Its exotic taste blends excellently with other nuts and dried fruits. Dried guava (Guava in it’s dried form) can be used as a topping on ice creams and pies. More so, some can be added to your yogurt, salsa, and cereals. This is the type of fruit you will like to eat at all times. There are many reasons why people love to consume this fruit. Some of the reasons are as follows:

  • Dried guava is high in fiber, vitamins A and C
  • Dried guava is a good source of potassium, iron and calcium
  • It helps in the digestive system as well as contains nutrients that control high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, cancer and diabetes.
  • It is a nice fruit to eat so as to ensure healthy eyes and heart- according to some medical experts, when you are eating dried guava, you will never suffer any viral infection, because it contains antioxidant substances.
  • Dried guava is low in fat and calories, and it is very necessary in a maintaining a strong or healthy body.
  • Dried guava is used by pharmacists, and medical experts in laboratories for the betterment of the human condition. The fruit is enjoyed whether it is dried or ripe, but mostly enjoyed when it is dried.
  • Fresh guava can be eaten within the shortest period of time, while dried guava can be stored for a good number of times; it can last as long as you can store it in your refrigerator. If you need more information on this, kindly visit our home page or ask some of our online representatives or marketers. However, there are credible companies where you can purchase dried guava. Most of them are online and you may have to subscribe to their mailing lists.
  • To say the least, dried guava is good for your body upkeep; thus, try the best you can to introduce it to some of your friends and associates.

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