Knowing More on The Nutritional Content of the Dried Guavas

By: Dried Guava Filed Under: Health & Nutrition Posted: February 5, 2013

It is a well-known fact that the fresh guavas contain a good lot of nutrients that are helpful in keeping your body, healthy altogether. It is nothing different about the dried guavas! In fact, they contain much more nutrients compared to the fresh one, owing to the fact that they are the concentrated form of fresh guava or its pulp. This means that consuming dried guava fruits would be much more beneficial to your body and health, compared to consuming an equivalent amount of fresh guava!

Let us now come to the nutritional facts related to dry guava. Studies reveal that dried guava powder that is produced by methods of blow drying using hot air or freeze drying contain a very large amount of pectin, which is plentifully found in fresh guava fruits. These studies also indicated the retention of that special aroma a fresh and ripe guava has, in the dried guava version. While the moisture content of the hot air dried guava powder is found to be 5.3%, the freeze dried guava powder exhibit lesser moisture content, approximately 2.75%. But it is found that the fiber content appears to be higher for the freeze dried guava compared to the air dried ones.

The byproducts of the sun dried guava fruit, which includes the pulp, seeds etc is found to have moisture at 6.94%, along with high protein levels as well as carbohydrates levels. The results available from the tests conducted also indicate that the dried guavas are very much high in fiber content, which makes it one of the best naturally nutritious food for a health seeker. But on the other hand, these studies also reveal that drying these fruits can reduce their vitamin and mineral content, though by a small extent. Studies reveal that 50 grams of dried guava includes 36 grams sugar, 180 calories, 1 gram fiber and 44.5 grams carbohydrates. Thus, one could easily say that dried guavas contain a large amount of nutrients as well as minerals that can actually boost your health and help in treating different body conditions as well as severe diseases that may affect your body.

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