Dried Guavas – Benefits & Nutritional Facts

By: Dried Guava Filed Under: Health & Nutrition Posted: December 19, 2012

Guava is a fruit similar in shape to the pears. Ripe guavas are available in yellow color. However, a sundried variant called dried guavas are also available. There are different techniques for drying guavas.

Pinkish white flesh can be seen beneath the greenish skin of the guava. In addition to the fruit, leaves and barks of the fruit tree also serve various purposes. These barks and leaves have special medicinal important and are used for making medicines for curing different diseases. Leaves of guava tree are also used for massage purposes as they add freshness to human skin.

Guavas are dried and stored for long term usage. They can be transported from one place to another only in dried form.

There are many countries where environment is not optimum for the growth of guavas. For such areas, dried guava is really a blessing. There are hundreds of benefits that are associated with guavas. It is medicinally used for the treatment of constipation and piles. Having quite a unique taste, dried guavas can be used with other nuts. All the nuts are 100% compatible with the taste of dried guavas. However, it is must to follow a perfect drying method in order to preserve guava with all its properties. Add some dried guava to the ice cream and you will get exotic taste. This is due to the good effect guava has on your taste buds. There are many ice-cream parlors that especially offer some flavors that taste perfect only with dried guavas.

Nutritional facts

Dried guavas are rich in vitamins. Vitamin A and vitamin C are supposed to be in high amount in these dried fruits. In addition to the vitamin, dried guavas are perfect source of iron and potassium. Calcium is also a notable ingredient of dried guavas. It is really necessary to save dried guavas in tins or special packing to preserve their actuality. Otherwise, they will lose their nutritional worth. Doctors usually advise to take dried guavas to the heart patients. Such guavas are also very useful for those suffering from eye diseases. Dried guavas are also great in controlling high blood pressure and diabetes.

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