Health Benefits Offered By Dried Guava

By: Dried Guava Filed Under: Health & Nutrition Posted: January 24, 2013

We know that dried guavas are the best choice for a nutritional diet and also a healthy snack. But have you ever thought about the health benefits of these fruits, even in their dried form? The fact is that the health benefits it offers are numerous; in fact, you would be surprised to know that dried guava can be used for almost all major health related problems, as a natural means of treatment!

Studies about guavas reveal that they are high in antioxidants. This applies to the dried or more concentrated form of guavas as well, and as a result, they are the some of the best nutritious natural food items that can fight any cancer, including lung cancer, and other forms of cancer. Another health advantage comes from the high fiber content in these dried guava extracts. This high fiber content makes it a cleanser for your excretory system. That is, it helps in retaining a good lot of water in your body, in turn causing the digestive system to function well, thereby avoiding constipation problems.

Yet another health benefit of dried guava is its ability to control the blood pressure of a human being. Guava fruits have a natural power to reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in your body and increase the good cholesterol level to such an extent that it keeps your blood pressure normal and under check. The ability of the dried guava extract to fight teeth diseases can also not be left unnoticed. Diseases that affect teeth like scurvy, gum diseases, infections etc occur due to the deficiency of the necessary vitamins in your body. Dried guava has a whole lot of Vitamin C and other nutrients in it, which helps in fighting these gum diseases and warding them off, thereby giving you a healthy gum. Tooth aches and even oral ulcers are found to be removed by the use of this fruit.

From the time people came to know about these health benefits, there has been an increase in the number of doctors who advise diabetic patients to consume dried guava, owing to its ability to regulate blood sugar. Weight loss is another major benefit one could have from consuming dried guavas, owing to their anti-oxidant properties and rich fiber content. And the list goes on and on…

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