Stocking Dried Guava in Your Kitchen – A Good Idea?

By: Dried Guava Filed Under: General Information Posted: January 31, 2013

Stocking away dried fruits in your kitchen is like stocking a whole lot of nutrients for a long period of time. Unlike the fresh fruits, which ripen up pretty quick and goes into a rotten condition even quicker, the dried fruits can last for months together without any changes in their taste or quality!

Dried guava is one such fruit you can stock in your kitchen, to make it a nutrition packed kitchen! The best thing about it is that it is rich in carbohydrates as well as proteins and the fiber content in it could be surprisingly high compared to that of a fresh one. Moreover, it also contains vitamins and essential minerals that can boost the strength of your body and make you a lot healthier.

Different forms of the dried guavas are available today including powder and dried pulps. Each of these can be put to a different use, both domestically and commercially. These dried guava products are today, are very widely used when it comes to baking food items with the flavor of guava in it. They are also used in healthy snack recipes, by those people who are very much concerned about consuming lesser calories along with more nutrients. Breakfast items that are meant to be healthy and yet light, also sometimes include the dried guava as a core ingredient.

Another common use of dried guava is in making the guava tea, which is a cancer fighting agent. Tasty sauces, juices, etc are also made out of these dried fruits and sometimes, they are even mixed with milk, for those people who love the guava flavor! One could consider this a good way to get kids to have something nutritious, without having to run behind them all day for it! The best part is that these dried fruits can be eaten in the morning with the breakfast, or with your lunch or even as your evening snack! And moreover, the use of such powders can help you reduce the amount of artificial sugar that is added to the food you make. In short dried guava can work wonders in your kitchen, and it would be best to have it in stock, all time of the year!

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