Skin Care with Dried Guava and Its Products

By: Dried Guava Filed Under: General Information Posted: January 21, 2013

Skin care is something that worries most people, especially the women. Due to the busy schedules at their office and the household chores, most women do not get much time, to attend to their face and skin. And as we all know, a face that is not maintained well is more prone to pimples and rashes! There are women who spend a good lot of time at the beauty salons, getting their face cleaned and cleared. But what if you do not wish to spend so much on beautifying your face?? If that’s the case, you need to look for some natural skin care product that can be found from your kitchen shelf. And yes, the dried guavas are exactly what you need to be looking for, if it is the pimples and acne, you wish to get rid of!

Dried guavas are known to be packed with nutrients, minerals and acids like folic acid, oxalic acid etc which altogether help in making your body look healthier in appearance. Now going for the pimples on your face, what could you do with the dried guava, to get rid of it? The first thing to be known here is that pimples or acnes can occur as a result of some oily food that you eat or even your hormonal changes, especially during your menstrual cycle. The first thing you could go for is a simple guava decoction, which consists of guava leaves boiled in water. For people living in those places where guava leaves are not available, the dried guava in stock can be used as the perfect substitute. This decoction can be used as a facial lotion to prevent pimples. It also helps in reducing any rashes or itching sensation on the skin.

Another lotion for the face, made with dried guava as core ingredient, includes 250 grams of the dried fruit and water, boiled together for some time, to get a thick lotion. After proper cooling, this can be applied to the face twice or thrice a day to get the bets effects. The dried guava powder can also be used in making cleansers that keep your skin clean and glowing. Now, what more do you need to be a fan of dried guava??

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