Why Go For Dried Guava When Fresh Ones Are Available?

By: Dried Guava Filed Under: General Information Posted: February 3, 2013

This might be a common question that crosses your mind, when thinking of buying the nutritious guava fruit. The guava is a tropical fruit that grows only during a specific season. Being a seasonal fruit makes it very less available or even unavailable during the other seasons of the year. This is the major reason for trying out the possibilities of dried guava, instead of fresh ones. And the results of the studies conducted were amazing! Dried guava could last much longer and provide the same nutritional effect as a fresh guava!! Just like kiwi.

In countries where fresh guavas are not available or come at very high prices, the dried guava can be used as the best alternative. Even if you live in a country where guavas are available in plenty, you would see that these fruits tend to ripen very quickly. They are seen to stay fresh only for a week or so. This is why processing of such fruits become very much essential – to make them available all around the year, that too, at all places.

Mostly, dried guavas are made by drying the pulp of fresh guava in sun light, a traditional method of drying such fruits. Studies conducted on such sun dried guavas point out the fact that they are still rich in dietary fiber, and other nutritional contents like Vitamin C, antioxidants and many more factors that help in maintaining your body healthy.

It is not just the nutritional benefits like the raw fruit that makes dried guavas more popular. The ease of availability is also something that holds a good lot of importance. Today, one can buy the dried guava from a nearby shop or even from an online store. The best thing is that you do not have to go for the direct form of dried guavas; there are lots of supplements available in the market today, with the dried guava as their major ingredient. All you have to do is to check with your family doctor or even online, find a good supplement and try it out! Thus you can see that dried guava makes things a lot easier for than the fresh ones, for which you need to give utmost care to keep them fresh!

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